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More messy writing.

I want to write about writing, blogging (what kind of blogs are successful, and what kind of blogs are worth doing), identity, design in relation to identity, nationalistic art (the idea of an integration of a history, culture, and geography into a single notion), and more. I must not forget. (I'm adding notes in parenthesis, and it's reminding me that I need to learn to outline, and I'm also reminded that I can not wait for multi-touch computers, because I think it will combine the flexibilities of both computers (with their ability to erase and rearrange), and paper (with its direct input method, and incredibly flexible entry method (if you want something to be written in bigger letters, you don't have to go through any menus, you just write bigger! What a wonder! Paper™.)

I'm thinking about starting a blog. For a long time I've toyed with the idea of having a general interest/"things that are awesome" blog, like BoingBoing or Haha.nu, but I feel those blogs are just recycling content from each other over and over again, and while that has its use to some extent, it is not what I want to be doing. A lot of cute animal blogs only feature pictures of animals that are featured on dozens of similar sites, but on Uglorable, even though the content is mostly from Flickr, I did try to have a unique theme, and I continue to try to find wonderful photographs that will be new to people. Anyway, for this one blog full of writing, I was thinking I might have a section for spare thoughts I'm left with at the end of the day, observations I want to get to say, but that I will not be able to write articles about by the end of the day.

Here is an example:

I had an interesting experience watching the BBC's "The Human Face." There was a woman with cherubim, and when I saw her on the TV, I thought something about her appearance was familiar, but when I had to switch form the TV to my laptop because my PS2 wasn't reading the DVD correctly, I recognized that her face reminded me of Brian Peppers. I have only ever seen the face of Brian Peppers on laptops.

In the BBC's entertaining but not terribly informative documentary "The Human Face," a woman at a talent agency is showing off her filing cabinets, with a drawer for men, women, teens, people of every race, etc. It reminded me of something we can do it a digital world that we can not do in real life, organize by tagging. With tagging, we can have the exact same information automatically sorted by any criteria, it is the answer to all of those who wondered whether they should sort by theme or chronologically or by any other criteria. However, this also made me think of how we as humans are still limited in how we are able to look through the data, we can only look at one ordering at a time. (It makes me think of how people writing books are still limited, while an index can be included in the end (indexes anticipated tagging), things still are presented in a one-direcitonal, beginning-to-end way. I am always thinking very much about how various ideas are connected, and there simply is not a way to communicate all of the connections I want to note when restricted to this one-dimensional, one-directional (something I would love to be called "half-dimensional") way of writing. I want tagging of writing to become useful. (I imagine tags are rarely ever clicked on, despite their use for creating new strings of writings on a single theme. I want to create a new way of presenting essays that would actually be useful. Perhaps something that would allow 1,000 pages of writing to turn into 20 200 page books on different themes, recycling a lot of content. I'm not sure on the specifics, but I have ideas! And it's important for people to consider how information can be presented. THERE MIGHT EVEN BE A WAY THIS PARAGRAPH COULD BE SORTED THROUGH.))

Maybe I could just put these spare writings on this livejournal.
I feel as if my writing mind has been turned on again. Whether if it's because I was forced to read my own muddled sentences, or because I have been watching documentaries which have lead me to consider the meaning of accomplishment, I am unsure. But I am having thoughts, and I want to write.

The ideas floating around in my head are these:
When people have a lifework, they often fool themselves into thinking that it is the central theme of human life, or existence.
I feel I have some form of genius, but I do not feel my genius lays in any artistic ability (Although I'm sure if I applied myself, I could be good at anything), or observations of social trends (I can not delude myself into thinking I could be a great political theorist, and I MUST not pretend to have any meaningful knowledge about the nature of macro-economies.)
I feel I have a strong understanding of the nature of individuals (what I have to admit that I usually do is recognize my worst tendencies, and blame others for having them), and were I able to face the challenge of writing (not only to write words, but to face my own thoughts and my own writing and adapt and develop them), I could write good essays on the tendencies I see in man.
I am obsessed with myself, and confuse observations about myself with ideas of historical importance.

(It's frustrating, before I began to write, I felt I had a beautiful internal narrative. As soon as I began to write, instead of transcribing this, I had to try to remember what it was I wanted to write about. In a very real sense, I feel I have something to say that I can not get out.)

ALSO APPARENTLY I learned to blog from John Hodgeman.
Was this a mistake? Was it not? I DON'T KNOW YET


I started an Uglorable Flickr group!


There's like, nothing on there yet, maybe somebody reading this can change this???



If you put a DeLorean with a FLUX-CAPACITOR on a treadmill going at 88 miles per hour WOULD IT TRAVEL THROUGH TIME.

Also, I might not be moving to the country where I thought I might be moving! I AM NOT PARTICULARLY CONCERNED.



I need three criteria by which to identify a chicken!


It sounds as if I might spend my first term in Japan sleeping in a classroom???